Project name: Improvement of livelihoods, knowledge and sustainable Management of Nyabarongo wetlands in Rwanda

Project Donor: IUCN NL/EGP

Period: May 2008 – Mars 2011


The project has resulted in the active participation of local community in wetland conservation processes. Sensitization, awareness and environmental education workshops and meetings that were conducted by ACNR in the project area contributed to change the strange behaviour of local communities who were looking at Nyabarongo wetland as the unique source of subsistence.

You can Read the Full Summary Here Improvement of livelihoods, knowledge and sustainable, Project summary


Project name: Support project to the revision of the national law enacted for sustainable management and utilisation of forests in Rwanda

Project Donor: IUCN/CARPE

Period: September 2009- March 2010


The draft forest law has been developed adopted by the Rwanda Cabinet Meeting and afterward sent to the Parliament for examination and approval. All necessary Ministerial Orders for the enforcement of the law have also developed and accompanied the draft law.

You can see the Full summary Here  Support project to the revision of the national law  , Project Summary

Project name:  Conservation of Muvumba gallery forest: biodiversity survey, forest restoration and promotion of agroforestry techniques in  Nyagatare district.

Project Donor: IUCN/CARP

Period: October 2009 – January 2011


We supported a local cooperative (Abadahemuka) to produce 20,800 young plants of native species, Acacia kirkii, and restored the Muvumba forest where 2,602 invasive eucalyptus trees were completely removed another local cooperative (ABERA).

The Summary is Available here Conservation of Muvumba gallery forest, Project Summary

Other Past projects include:

– Conservation and sustainable use of wetlands in South-Eastern    Rwanda through Biodiversity surveys and socio-economic studies,   funded by BP Conservation Program (today “Conservation Leadership   Programme, CLP)

–   Promoting natural resources use at Nyabarongo wetlands, funded by Jensen/Birdlife International

–  Enhancing Local Capacities for sustainable Biodiversity Action in Africa, funded by GEF through BirdLife International

–  Conservation of Buhanga relict forest, Musanze district, Northern Province, Rwanda, funded by ARCOS

–  Rehabilitation of Muvumba gallery Forest (CMGF), Rwanda, Funded by UICN/CARPE

– Revision of the National Forest Law in Rwanda, funded by IUCN/CARPE

–  Conservation of Nyabarongo wetlands for sustainable livelihoods, funded by BirdLife International /Jensen small grants

– Support to local entrepreneurial initiative such as beekeeping and traditional medicine around Conservation of Nyungwe National Park, funded by NABU/Germany Government

–  Biodiversity survey in the Eastern gallery forests, Eastern Province, Rwanda, funded by Rufford small grant programme

– Non timber wetland products and their sustainable use study: case of Rugezi wetland, Rwanda, funded by Alcoa Foundation Fellowship Program Grant

– Capacity building in Nyagatare district, Eastern Province, to sustainably use and manage land using agroforestry, funded by FAO/National Forest Program (NFP).

– Recent changes in vegetation structure of Ngezi swamp in the face of climate change impact study: Case of Volcanoes Biosphere Reserve and National Partk, Rwanda, funded by International START Secretariat

–  Conservation in the face of Climate change – Adaptation to Climate Change in Albertine Rift, funded by Mac Arthur Foundation through BirdLife International

–  Implementing and monitoring of an adaptive management framework for climate change in the Albertine Rift, funded by MacArthur Foundation through BirdLife International