Enhancing Climate Change Resilience in Great Lakes Region Watersheds: the Lake Kivu Catchment and Rusizi River CRAG, funded by MacArthur Foundation through BirdLife International

The idea behind CRAGs is to help national and regional planners to reduce harmful, and enhance beneficial impacts from climate change. Altitudinal gradients are especially vulnerable to extreme climatic events, such as heavy rains, that are predicted to be more frequent in the future. Heavy rains on mountains and hills cascade down their slopes and cause severe soil erosion, flooding and landslides.

Droughts lead to the drying up of streams and rivers, and falling lake levels, impacting on urban and rural water supplies and sabotaging food production. You can Read the full summary of the project Here

Other Ongoing Projects are:

Ecosystem conservation for climate change adaptation in East Africa (Ecosystems based Adaptation-EbA),  funded by UK Government’s Darwin Initiative through BirdLife International

–  Transboundary Ecosystem Based Management of Fishery Resources and Oil Governance in the Great African Lakes.Mobilisation, Advocacy & Observatory in Rwanda, funded by IUCN Netherlands Committee(TGAL)

–  Conservation of the birds and biodiversity of the Lake Victoria Basin (the Greatest of Africa’s ‘Great Lakes’) through community-led action and sustainable development, funded by AAGV. Jensen Charity Foundation through BirdLife International

–   Conservation of Rugezi Wetland, funded by Antica Filanda, an Italian Non-profit Organization.

–  Adaptation Fund NGO Network project, funded by the Germanwatch.