This part talks about   testimonies of   different people reached ACNR,  the following are the ones for 8 UR students conducted their internship at ACNR in  June 2015


I liked the name ACNR and was curious to know what you are doing in conservation. I want to join . ACNR as a member to share ideas with experienced people as I am a person who likes conservation. I expect many field visits to get experience which link the practical and theoretical skills got from University”.Aimee Grace Musabwamana


I want to get the orientation of what I learn at school,means i want to link the theories to practical skills as I will have chance to go to the field” Elvis Hirwa

VestineI heard ACNR from my eldest at University who has done their academic internship here at ACNR in 2014. They told me that they conducted different field visiting and they were hard working. I compared ACNR with other NGOs and realized that others don’t have enough professionals, but here in ACNR there many who can help me to get what I need. I am interested in EBA project which coordinated by Prudence Ndabasanze. I want to join ACNR as member to get contact with experienced people in my domain”.Said by Vestine Ingabire


I chatted with my colleagues at University of Rwanda told me that ACNR has many years’ experience in Conservation there are staff who coordinated many projects and implemented successfully. I want to get contact of people who can advise me even after my university studies as they experienced in my field. I want to know other Key Biodiversity Areas apart from well-known parks”. Said by Murenzi Vedaste


I know there are many  institutions in charge of environment and nature conservation but when you are there in government you become a decision maker rather than advocate. I followed the guidance of my colleagues who passed here at ACNR  last year. I need to know conservation strategies as ACNR has experienceAlex Niwagaba


“My friends sing ACNR and I am interested as a person inconservation department.  I am interested in different activities of ACNR. I expect to get skills especially practice at field. I expect to be able to write a project proposal at the end of this internship”.   Aloysie Uwamariya

ACNR is among different NGOs dealing with conservation. I was interested in its Definition “Association pour la Conservation de la Nature au Rwanda”. My colleagues who were here last year in academic internship told me that ACNR has a good administration. They always work on field and have numerous workshops.  I am studying Botanic conservation and ACNR is in charge. I know it has experience in environmental conservation. I am ready to use my entire knowledge and physical energy  the whole time i have in ACNR and work together in conservation Joseph Shingiro Rwamuhama